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Become a Certified Medical Coder

Medical coding is quickly becoming a vital role in providing and billing of medical services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As the medical coding industry grows, the need for skilled and certified professionals to fill clinical coding roles is increasing. To help meet this need, AAPC is providing a national training and certification program endorsed by the Council for Health Insurance (CHI).

The Clinical Coding Professional Certification (CCP-KSA) is a comprehensive course designed to prepare medical coders with the specific jobs skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in basic medical coding for both inpatient and outpatient settings within the Saudi Arabia healthcare market.

Upon completing the course, coders will also be prepared to challenge the certification exam administered by AAPC. Successfully passing this exam you will earn the professional credential and be recognized internationally as a certified Clinical Coding Professional (CCP).



The CCP-KSA course encompasses the Saudi Arabia coding and billing standards as specified by each of the key regulatory bodies including the Ministry of Health (MOH), Saudi Health Council (SHC), Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), Council of Health Insurance (CHI) and SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority)

You will learn to translate services and diagnosis using the correct application of ICD-10-AM diagnosis codes, Saudi Billing System (SBS) procedure coding classification and billing standards, and AR-DRG for coding and billing of medical claims in the outpatient setting and admitted care (inpatient and day cases).

The course is designed for both individuals new to clinical coding and those already working in the coding industry that wish to deepen their skills and obtain a professional certification. It is also relevant for both the private and public sectors.



The course consists of 19 modules designed to provide students with the competencies needed to prepare and code medical services for claims processing.

Areas of competency for this course include:

  • Accurately apply coding conventions when assigning diagnoses and procedure codes for outpatient and admitted care (inpatient and day cases). Understand and apply the official ICD-10-AM coding guidelines.

  • Provide practical application of coding outpatient and admitted care (inpatient and day cases) charts.

  • Understand Saudi Health Insurance system and regulatory requirements.

  • Understand and applying data requirements for MOH-MDS (ministry of health minimum data specifications).

  • Understand and apply the SFDA, GMDN and GTIN coding classifications for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

  • Understand and apply the Australian dental association (ADA) coding classification.

  • Understand and apply KSA service, ambulatory transport, lab and pathology coding classifications.

  • Understand related medical terminology and anatomy.

  • Identifying inconsistencies in clinical documentation and ways to improve.

  • Coding competency for a wide variety of patient services using Saudi billing system procedure classification and coding standards, ICD-10-AM, and AR-DRG classification.


There are no requirements for completing pre-requisite courses prior to entering the CCP-KSA program. However, it is highly recommended that participants have a strong understanding of medical terminology , Human anatomy and pathophysiology. Individuals without prior training in these areas are encouraged to complete the following course before enrolling in the CCP-KSA Program:

Fundamentals of Medicine Course (40 hours)
This is a 12-week online course. Students will learn medical terminology, anatomy, and pathophysiology for a wide range of topics, applying what is learned to reading and interpreting a medical record. This course is valuable for anyone preparing for a career in any non-clinical medical profession, and strongly recommended for anyone who is preparing for an AAPC certification examination.

For more information or to enroll please contact AAPC.

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The CCP-KSA course can be completed using one of the following training options:

Online Self-Paced Training

The online self-paced course is designed for students who want complete flexibility to follow their own schedule and study independently. AAPC coaches will be available to answer questions via email
or chat. Students have up to 12 months to complete the course.

Virtual Live Training

Students attend regularly scheduled live class sessions online where they participate in lectures and interact with the instructor and classmates virtually. Course is 14 weeks in duration with 3-hour classes being held approximately 2 times per week.

The course is highly interactive and incorporates a variety of teaching methods designed to engage students and assess their knowledge throughout each module. These include the following:

  • Chapter Lectures: Including online learning modules
    Reading Assignments: Using our study guide and
    course textbook
  • Module Quizzes: Online quizzes after each chapter to help assess student comprehension
  • Chapter Tests: Tests after each chapter designed to help prepare students for the Final Exam
  • Practical Application Work Assignments: Case studies mirroring real life scenarios
  • Final Exam: Final course exam to pass the course, also helps prepare students for the Certification Credential Exam


All students will need access to a computer and reliable high-speed internet. Students taking the live virtual course will also need a webcam.




Upon completion of the training course, individuals will be allowed to challenge the CCP-KSA Certification exam. The exam is 4-hours in length and if successfully passed, students will be awarded a professional credential as a certified
Clinical Coding Professional. This internationally recognized credential is considered the gold standard in clinical coding and is recognized by governments and employers around the world.




Fundamentals of Medicine (FMC) Course:

Self-paced Course- 2,630 SAR ($700 USD) 

Instructor-Led Course – 5,260 SAR ($1,400 USD) 


Clinical Coding Professional (CCP) Course:

Instructor-Led Course – 11,390 SAR ($3,030 USD) 


Bundled - Fundamentals of Medicine Course + Clinical Coding Professional Course

Instructor-Led Course – 12,500 SAR ($3,325 USD) 


Please contact Anova to learn more about the CCP-KSA Certification or to register for an upcoming course:

Email: info@anovahealth.sa

WhatsApp: +966 11 470 0074

Phone : 800 120 7777


Register Now   Next Class Starts March 12 , 2023 




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